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Dr. Z's Tiny Builders Workshop - 208403

Dr. Z’s Tiny Builders is a workshop designed to help children (ages 3-5) build and strengthen core life skills: manners, values, organization, teamwork and responsibility
by using original songs, imaginative play, movement and more to engage, motivate and reinforce early learning education. The class will end with a performance that
highlights for parents the core values learned.

  Activity Description Dates Times Meet Days Locations Ages Price      
Dr. Z's Tiny Builders Workshop
10:15 am -11:00 am
Taylor Farm Park
Age 3 to 5 years

Jr Dream in Steam Club - 301156

Jr. Scientist will answer questions and discover fun facts about all different aspects of the world around us. Age appropriate subjects will be covered, from atoms to zoology, using the scientific method of discovery. Hands on
experiments and demonstrations will highlight each class to reinforce the lessons of the day.

  Activity Description Dates Times Meet Days Locations Ages Price      
Jr. Dream in STEAM Club
10:00 am -10:45 am
Mount Tabor Park
Age 3 to 5 years

Dream in STEAM Club - 308402

Did you know that STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and math) is all around your little ones? The Jr. Dream in STEAM Club, is the ultimate beginning to discovering the world around them. Achieve Success Tutoring will introduce
these concepts to your little ones by using science/nature materials and activities that give children an opportunity to develop vocabulary and learn to understand basic nature and science concepts. Kids will enjoy lots of hands-on opportunities to explore their world; hands-on opportunities to explore quantity, size, and shape; engineering through building with blocks & Legos, and so much more!

  Activity Description Dates Times Meet Days Locations Ages Price      
Dream in STEAM Club
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Mount Tabor Park
Age 7 to 12 years

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